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Teeth Whitening

Deep Bleaching™

First, we take impressions of your teeth and make thin, transparent and custom fit Deep Bleaching™ trays. These trays seal in the bleach and seal out saliva and sulcular fluid (both of which destroy bleach). One of the biggest causes of poor bleaching results is using trays that cover the gums and literally drag the sulcular fluid into the tray.

The Deep Bleaching™ tray's sealing properties prevent the patient from constantly swallowing bleach, making nighttime wear much more comfortable.

Do it once, do it right.

The trays are used in combination with Enlighten's Evolution Ice gel. Enlighten is the first and only whitening supplier in the world to guarantee that any patient will whiten to at least B1.

Evolution Ice gives predictable wow every time without lights, painful high concentration gels or gingival protection.

Evolution Ice gives unprecedented extreme whitening with some of the lowest concentration gels in the industry.

evolution ice bleaching gel


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