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Dental Treatments

What does it take to restore a smile?

brilliant smileTrue cosmetic dentistry is about finding the balance between the ideal and natural form. Restorations that are too white and unnatural looking will detract from one's overall appearance. Discriminating dentists know that the best technicians are found only in places that seek to constantly advance the person and the product. In order to ensure that every patient receives top quality care, Advanced Dentistry Ireland works exclusively with Arrowhead Dental Laboratory in Salt Lake City, U.S.A.

Arrowhead's extraordinary commitment to quality attracts the most skilled artisans in the industry. They have worked long and hard to assemble the finest practitioners of the dental arts from around the world resulting in the exquisite attention to detail and unsurpassed artistry instilled in all of their products.

No other laboratory in the world is as capable or does more full mouth cases than Arrowhead.

Elite™ Crowns

The lifelike natural appearance and exceptional fit of Arrowhead's Elite Porcelain System™ make it the restoration of choice among top dentists. With Elite™ crowns you are not just getting the finest materials, you are getting access to the expert craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail of the finest ceramists in the world.


Many dentists would have you believe that "a crown is a crown" and restorative dentistry simply requires any cheap commodity crown available. These crowns may offer a low price, but also a low aesthetic quality. In addition, "outsourced" crowns have been linked with lead contamination and other questionable manufacturing practices that could potentially impact patient safety and the health of the surrounding gingiva.

At Advanced Dentistry Ireland, we guarantee that all our restorations are produced in the U.S.A under the guidelines of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the ADA (American Dental Association) and the NADL (National Association of Dental Laboratories).

Radiant Veneers

In the past veneers were a way of doing a quick smile makeover. The downside was that the teeth often looked too white, too opaque and gave the impression that "you just had your teeth done."

Finally there is a veneer with truly excellent aesthetic properties.


Teeth Whitening

At Advanced Dentistry Ireland we use Deep Bleaching™ developed by California dentist Dr. Rod Kurthy. It is considered to be the most predictable and effective tooth whitening procedure available today.


We do not use trendy light-activated bleaching products such as Zoom or BriteSmile.

Despite their impressive advertising campaigns which market them as "breakthroughs" in the science of teeth whitening, CRA (Clinical Research Associates)* clinical trials repeatedly show that light and heat do not increase tooth whitening and are not necessary for tooth bleaching.

*Widely regarded as the "Consumer Reports of dentistry," CRA is an independent dental research association that evaluates dental products independent of manufacturers, and reports their findings to the profession.

Dental Implants

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and are now considered routine dental treatment. We will create an implant for a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, replace a removable appliance or even an entire mouth.

Root Canals

With modern advancements in treatment modalities, it is rare to have to resort to extracting a tooth. Even the most seemingly hopeless looking teeth can be salvaged by a properly performed root canal treatment.

Wisdom Teeth

If you have impacted wisdom teeth that must be removed and are concerned about long waiting lists or high fees and hospital visits, do not worry. We routinely extract wisdom teeth at our clinic and patients are often surprised at how simple and painless a procedure it is.

White Fillings

All our fillings are white composite or porcelain. Dr. Buckley has not placed an unsightly metal filling since 1992.


Nowadays many people receive the necessary care to maintain their natural teeth for life. However, for some, there is no alternative other than dentures. We will fabricate a set that looks as natural as possible giving the greatest care to attention and detail.


Whether you are an athlete or casual sports participant, you should wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. The most effective and comfortable mouthguard is one that is custom made by a dental professional to fit your mouth.

Migraine Treatment

Migraine sufferers may not be aware that their debilitating symptoms can often be greatly alleviated by wearing a small dental appliance known as an NTI. If you suffer from migraines, or TMJ(Temporomandibular joint) problems and would like to try this non-invasive inexpensive treatment option, please call our office.

Patient Resources / Oral Health

If you would like to research any oral healthcare topics or dental treatments, the American Dental Association's Oral Health Topics A to Z is a great place to start.


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